Comfort comes into your house a guest, and stays to become the Master” (Gibran: “The Prophet”)

How can we Homo sapiens self-proclaim intelligence, when our practices and activities severely undermine the very elements whose presence provides the foundation of life for all?

All terrestrial life exists due to the presence of healthy and pure Water, Air, and Soil. These are fundamental to life!

How can I not speak out? This affects all life!

And not just the present. What would we say to our (mostly) yet to be born grandchildren? To our great-grandchildren? To our direct descendants seven generations on?

How will we answer their queries of why we severely polluted and fouled not only the surface waters, yet even worse, and much more disastrously, the groundwater?

Will our answers sound just a little hollow … “Oh, you would have had to have been there… You see, the worlds’ industrial economy was driven by access to cheap fossil fuel, and as the resource peaked (Peak Oil), and began it’s decline, petroleum prices rose high enough that corporations could make a huge profit by fracking below earth’s surface, and extracting more petroleum than otherwise would have been available… We didn’t intend to pollute the groundwater: that was just a side effect!”

This week’s news includes a WHO (World Health Organization) report that 7,000,000 (seven million) people die each year as a direct result of air pollution.

Within the past month, Duke Power, in North Carolina, severely polluted 90 miles of river with highly toxic, persistent coal ash sludge, a by-product (side effect) of energy production.

We, as H. sapiens, are severely overpopulated and rapidly rising. Our combined impact is deleteriously tremendous and, like our numbers, exploding.

Human population, along with the ascendancy of industrial economy, and short- sighted, disastrous corporate greed, are severely fouling our own nest, as well as decreasing the ability of the foundational elements of life to do their job making our sacred earth fit for healthy life.

This is my permaculture i-scream!

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