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Keep Slugs out of Your Planted Containers

Slugs are an issue in the garden, and in garden containers.  We plant some of our food items like lettuce, in containers on our south facing front porch.  This is convenient when we need a quick dose of greens.  We … Continue reading

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Rain, There is No Substitute

I have found over the years, especially the drought years, that there is no substitute for rainfall when it comes to watering plants.   I don’t have a scientific explanation for it, but when plants receive rainfall, they grow better, … Continue reading

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Rabbits in Permaculture

by Gary Deetz Permaculturists keep rabbits for primarily two reasons:  food and fertilizer.  In our case, rabbits were our source of fertilizer.  Rabbit pellets are one of the best nitrogen fertilizers in existence.  It is an organic, low nitrogen fertilizer … Continue reading

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Hello and welcome to Permaculture Asheville

Today our first post is dedicated to Ziggy, our rabbit.   Ziggy was a Miniature Rex rabbit that we brought into our lives 7 years ago.  He was the oldest of our 4 animals.  We got Ziggy because of permaculture.  … Continue reading

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