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Solar Panels Attract Aquatic Insects

Researchers from Michigan State University have found that the shiny black surfaces of solar panels are highly attractive to aquatic insects, which mistake them for water. They lay their eggs there but these fail to hatch jeopardizing the reproduction of … Continue reading

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Why Bicycles Rule

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Farmers Markets As Community Builders

Image by Getty Images via @daylife Farmers Markets are helping to build community around the country as they have done for centuries worldwide.  A study by sociologists of customer behavior in supermarkets, revealed that when we shop these mega stores, … Continue reading

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Unidentified Mushroom

Mushroom, originally uploaded by organicrider. Showed up in mid August growing on the logs bordering the garden beds.

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Golden Chanterelle2.jpg

Golden Chanterelle2.jpg, originally uploaded by organicrider. Sprouted up early in the season.

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