The joys of Forest Gardens

Goodheart (Andrew Goodheart Brown) with proof that earth can do much better than lawns.

The finer things!

Chiwa enjoying the finer things in life: afternoon sun, homemade bread    with chunks of dark chocolate, and locally roasted coffee!

Tzu-Tzu, as a kitten,  gererating spectrums.

Tzu-Tzu, as a kitten, generating spectrums.

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  1. Lindsey Smith says:

    Hello There!

    I was directed to you by my dear sweet friend,and mutual friend, Michelle Smith in regards to your Shaker Brooms. I’m wondering if you can tell me more about ordering one from you as my fiance and I are interested in using a shaker broom for our Jumping the Broom ritual when we are married this May. Look forward to hearing from you!

    Lindsey Smith

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