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Join Goodheart in southern Belize for the 6th Annual Permaculture Design Course

This is a GREAT time to get away to the plush, green sub-tropics of southern BELIZE. Our site (MMRF) is 2 miles upriver from the village of San Pedro Columbia, and is accessed by a 30 minute dugout canoe ride. … Continue reading

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Solar Panels Attract Aquatic Insects

Researchers from Michigan State University have found that the shiny black surfaces of solar panels are highly attractive to aquatic insects, which mistake them for water. They lay their eggs there but these fail to hatch jeopardizing the reproduction of … Continue reading

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World’s Oldest Fig Wasp Discovered

The world’s oldest known example of a fig wasp has been identified from the Isle of Wight. Dating back 34 million years, the fossil wasp looks almost identical to the modern species, suggesting the specialized insect has remained virtually unchanged … Continue reading

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Gardening at Altitude: Different kind of healthy garden

W hen the beds you`re filling hold produce instead of patients, you might not look to a major health care provider to help cover the cost of the bills. But in a bold partnership, Kaiser Permanente teamed with Denver Botanic … Continue reading

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