One day workshop with Peter Bane Feb 08

from the  Organic Growers School:
a day-long workshop with Peter Bane
Sunday   Feb 08, 2015
“Home-Grown Revolution:  How Re-imagining your Home & Yard can Transform the World:

Peter Bane, author of “The Permaculture Handbook”, long-time publisher of the Permacuture Activist, and co-founder of Earthaven Ecovillage is offering a day-long workshop in Asheville.

How can we create the vibrant and resilient communities that we dream of? In the face of climate change and economic crisis, re-imagining suburban and urban homes offers us a realistic and promising answer. Imagine 50 million lawns transformed into gardens. Most are in the best possible location for food production! Imagine homes outfitted with better energy, waste, and water systems — yours can be one of them. By learning where true wealth is created, we can reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and mega-corporations as we increase natural capital, food security, and healthy communities.

Organic Growers School is thrilled to host Peter Bane for this accessible and practical program to further our common journey of self-reliance. Whether you are just starting out, designing your eco-mansion, rehabbing your life, or just wanting to incorporate a few new ideas, this workshop will provide solid guidance for the next steps. Based on a wealth of real-life experience, we will share stories, suggestions, and specific adaptations for making your home, yard, and lifestyle more functional, comfortable, beautiful, and prosperous. The road to true wealth begins at home!

From tiny apartment balconies to green acres in the country, sustainable systems follow similar patterns. This workshop will integrate traditional wisdom, permaculture design, and the earth sciences of soils, agronomy, ecology, human and animal nutrition to unfold practical solution to everyday challenges. We’ll discuss the following ten topics (and likely more) through the lens of sustainability:
*Food    *Housing   *Energy   *Plants   *Livestock   *Water   *Waste   *Health   *Community   *Economics

No magical super powers or advanced skill required. With a little common sense and a taste for adventure anyone can do this. You too can create the 21st century economy at home through your pantry, dooryard garden, edible plants, and some simple adaptations to your home. These humble elements form the basis of radical social and ecological change.

Peter Bane is the author The Permaculture Handbook: Garden Farming for Town and Country, a distillation of more than 25 years’ experience in the science and art of permaculture. He is a permaculture teacher and site designer who has published and edited Permaculture Activist magazine for over twenty years. He helped create Earthaven Ecovillage in North Carolina, and is now pioneering suburban farming in Bloomington, Indiana.

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